City Clerk


The City Clerk’s Office is the “keeper of all information” for the City of Leslie. They have a responsibility to:

  • Maintain all official city records, including deeds, contracts, and other legal documents
  • Keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions by the City Council
  • Provide public notice of all meetings
  • Accepts and processes applications for persons interested in serving on any board or commission in the City of Leslie
  • Provides Notary Public services
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) coordinator for the City of Leslie.  New guidelines were recently put in place and are listed below:
  • FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
  • FOIA Public Summary of Procedures
  • FOIA Detailed Cost Itemization
  • Conducts all elections for the City of Leslie
  • Registers and maintains all voting records for the City of Leslie residents using the State of Michigan Qualified Voter File (QVF) system