City Manager

City Manager's Office

The City of Leslie has a City Council/City Manager form of government. As its governing body, Leslie’s City Council is comprised of seven elected members. The City Council's primary responsibility is to make decisions regarding the present and future of the City of Leslie. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and with the help of staff, is responsible for all management functions of the City, including preparation of the budget, delivery of services, hiring of personnel, and implementation of capital projects. The City Manager provides the City Council with the information needed to fulfill its legislative role.

The City Charter states the responsibilities and duties of the manager are to:

  • Supervise the enforcement of all laws and ordinances.
  • Supervise and coordinate the work of the administrative officers and departments of the city, except as otherwise provided in this charter.
  • Supervise and coordinate the personnel policies and practices of the city.
  • Keep informed and report to the council concerning the work of the several administrative offices and departments of the city.
  • Aid in resolution of disputes and conflicts within the municipal service.
  • Attend all meetings of the council, unless excused by the council, with the right to be heard in all administrative matters before the council, but without the right to vote.
  • Be the budget officer.
  • Recommend to the council such measures as the manager deems necessary or appropriate for the improvement of city services.
  • Furnish the council with information concerning city affairs and prepare and submit such reports as may be required.
  • Possess such further powers and perform such additional duties as may be granted to or required of the manager from time to time by the council, so far as may be consistent with the provisions of law, this charter, and the ordinances of the city.