Suspected or known lead service line locations

The City of Leslie lead and copper sampling recently resulted in a small number of homes with lead action level exceedance.  The City is in the process of inventorying all service lines that connect from the main directly to a residence or business within the City’s water system to enable us to identify lines that we suspect may contain lead. The City has developed a plan to actively pursue replacing lead service lines throughout the city. This work will be accomplished through the following initiatives:

  1. In conjunction with street construction and/or isolated water main replacements projects.
  2. Assessing and adjusting corrosion control processes.
  3. Planned replacements at locations that exceed action level parameters, and where lead or galvanized water service lines exist.
  4. Effective 2021, the State mandates Michigan communities to replace Lead Service Lines (LSL) at an average of 5% of the total number identified per year until 100%. The City of Leslie has been actively replacing lead service lines each year with 25 lead service lines replace in 2021.

The Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act has changed to better protect your health. New water sampling rules have been added to better detect possible lead in your drinking water. These changes require communities, including Leslie, with lead service lines and older housing stock, to do more sampling. This new sampling method is expected to result in higher lead results, not because the water source or quality for residents has changed, rather, because the Act has more stringent sampling procedures and analysis.

Since 1992 and in accordance with the Act, the City has been conducting testing for lead and copper at sampling locations throughout the City. On this webpage, you will find an important Public Advisory concerning recent testing results of tap water in 21 of the estimated 190 homes with lead service lines here in the City.

Please take time to read this Public Advisory carefully. It will provide you context and understanding concerning two of the test results as it relates to lead levels in the water. It will also outline actions that you can take as well as steps the City will be taking. You will also find links to a number of resources from the State of Michigan, Ingham County and other sources.

Additional Resources: