Zoning Board of Appeals

The Duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals

The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is to hear and decide appeals to the administration's interpretation of a Zoning Code requirement, or to hear appeals for a variance from the minimum Zoning Code requirements. The Zoning Board of Appeals authority is set forth by the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act 2006 PA 110 MCL 125.3101 et seq.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is tasked with interpreting any and all provisions of the Zoning Code in a manner that seeks to carry out the interests and general purposes of the Code. The Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority to grant, modify, or deny any requested variances. Any actions taken by the board must be supported by known facts based on conditions, including practical difficulties, unnecessary hardships, exceptional circumstances, affected value of adjacent properties and public street congestion. All decisions made by the Zoning Board of Appeals must be firmly based in the long-term interests of the community.

An application will not be accepted by the administrator and the board unless the application is submitted with the following:

• A completed application form, which is provided by the City. Download a copy from the "How Do I Apply?" link at the top of this page.

• An accurate, scaled site plan with enough information so as to illustrate the nature of the issue being considered.

• An application fee, as set by the City Council.

• A written explanation from the applicant that complies with powers and duties of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Code of Ordinances Section 98-84.

Non-Use Variances and other matters the board is required to pass needs a concurring majority vote of the board, at least three members.

Use Variances, however, must have a two-thirds vote of the entire board membership, at least four votes, to rule in favor of the applicant.

Administration appeal decisions must be decided on within 21 days of the action being appealed to the board.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets as necessary.

Board Members

John Stewart

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